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Term & Conditions

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1. Card travelling / documents for confirmation about detail and travelling.
- Documents for confirmation about travelling are the basic evidence for symbol of transformation between passengers and Andaman ferry service . The detail of travelling and the specifications. And the conditions of the fee and the contract between customers and Andaman Ferry Service.
- Documents and details will be the result for passengers who pay the fee only for the Andaman Ferry Service.

2. Fare rate
- The fee control only the service about delivery the passengers (go and return) from the departure port to arrival port. This fee isn’t charge the service about the passengers (go and return) on land except some passengers who buy the ticket and for land transfer that it appears on website. We aren’t responsible for some passengers who travel to another destination that hasn’t got details in the information.
- For the children aren’t over 2 years ( 24 months since departure date ) They can travel with adults by taking a seat on sitting astride of adults.

3. Tax and fee
Tax and fee must pay for the government. Unless in from on the information, customers must pay by themselves that isn’t concern about the Andaman Ferry Service

4. Exchange rate
Customers must pay the fee and another service charge that informs on web site

5. Booking the ticket
- Booking the ticket will be confirm after customers paid the fee and the Andaman Ferry Service Company has already given the document for confirmation. Customers can’t cancel or return money
- Booking the ticket for groups will be the condition of the Andaman Ferry Service. Please contact us for asking the information.
- The changing and cancel the travelling when the passengers want to cancel the travelling. We will allow within at least forty eight hours. If it is over 48 hours, we will not allow to change . For this changing, customers must pay the fee that the Andaman Ferry Service for only the specifications and conditions.
- If the company has cancelled about travelling such as the bad weather, the company will contact you immediately. But we will be not responsible for this changing. We will not you are worried about this. But we will give you are comfortable for you.
A. Take you for travelling the same time and the same route.
B. Take you for next travelling the same money that you choose before.
C. Take you for travelling by you don’t pay the fee for the changing.
The Andaman Ferry Service will use the specifications in the information above by copyright and we won’t be responsible for another seasons that we don’t inform you.

6. Pay money
You must pay the full fee unless paying the full fee when there is the confirmation about booking the ticket. The company will copyright for cancelling before booking the ticket and register for confirm travelling
( check in ) and no allow you get on the ferry boat by not necessary to inform before.

7. Data for each person
You will know and OK. That the your data that you give the Andaman Ferry Service Company. We can use for booking the ticket and confirm for travelling, and improve to help and get the comfortable things for immigrate, making the accountant, and audit for checking the credit card or pay money for the objective for safety, manage, and the law. Giving credit cards, development, and making the Andaman Ferry Service can contact you next time. By you may allow us taking the your data and send it to the company that it is allowed and other person who concern about the business of travelling by ferry boat and the person of government for travelling service or etc.

8. Taking the seat
The company (Boat Companies) that doesn’t have the limit by customers can choose the seat.

9. Registration to confirm for travelling (check in) finish travelling
and conditions
The check in counter of each boat companies will open for travelling before departure about 1-2 hours. The passengers must manage to register within the times that informs before. The Andaman Ferry Service is copyright for the responsible of travelling that informs the specification and condition are the following.
A. The passengers must check in before travelling at least 30 minutes.
B. For travelling another country ( go aboard ) such as Langkawi , Koh Lipe passengers must check in before travelling at least 1 hour.
C. If you can’t confirm by yourself to the staff of the company for booking the ticket.
D. If you don’t have the correct document.
E. If you don’t pay full money or the fee for the Andaman Ferry Service.
F. If you harm the staff of the company at the counter service, or speak to look down on the staff.
G. If the government don’t allow you register for confirm travelling by ferry or Speedboat.
H. If the Boat company agrees to you shouldn’t travel because you are so drunk.
I. If the company sees that you are not suitable by the doctor’s reason that may be dangerous to another passengers.

10. Getting on the boat
You must appear by yourself at the counter service at least 30 minutes before travelling ; otherwise, you may be cancelled the ferry boat will close for getting on about 5-10 minutes before departure. The passengers will not return the money or may change the time in case the passengers come late by the staff may consent to get on the boat, however, it depends on the boat staff.

11. Disappear ( you disappear )
You should appear yourself on time. If you don’t come on time. You can’t get (return) money

12. Passengers are sick or become pregnant
We suggest that passengers should tell with boat staff before travelling.

13. The service charge doesn’t mix the fee
The fee rate doesn’t mix the service of food and drinks. (Especially the large ferry boat)
Each company doesn’t allow passengers smoke cigarettes, or smoke a cigarette on board.

14. The same travelling date with the plane
We aren’t responsible for the passengers if they are late in the plane. We don’t suggest you reserve the ticket the same date with the travelling by plane. We suggest you to book the taxi before taking you from the pier to the airport in time.